Welcome to BestSodaMaker.org, a place to read reviews of the best home soda machines. Having a soda maker at home comes with a number of benefits. One key benefit is that you are helping to keep our environment clean. On average, Americans use over 80 billion aluminum cans a year. By having a soda maker in your home you will save hundreds of aluminum cans and plastic bottles from being produced.  Many mass produced plastic bottles that you buy from the store, also contain harmful chemicals that can sometimes get into drinks and cause health problems. Most of the soda makers reviewed on this website come with re-usable BPA-free bottles that you can use for years at a time.

Tired of drinking the same sodas? When you buy a soda maker you now have the ability to make any flavor of drink that you like. Many people combine different Sodastream flavors to make unique sodas that that their friends and families love. There are also many bloggers online that have posted some of their favorite home soda recipes. With hundreds of Sodastream flavors to choose from, the possibilities and combinations are endless.

When you are making sodas at home it can also come with some nice health benefits.  Since you decide how to flavor your drinks, it is also up to you to decide how many calories will be in each drink. Store bought cola can have over 30 grams of sugar but when you make cola at home it can be significantly less.

There are dozens of home soda makers available on the market today and finding the right one that fits your needs can be a challenge. Here at BestSodaMaker.org we have thoroughly researched all of the soda maker reviews that we publish, much like consumer reports, it is our goal to maker your soda maker research as informative and helpful as possible.  Let us help you find the best SodaStream model for you,  at a reasonable price.

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