Sodastream Fizz Review

Looking for a soda maker that is perfectly designed to fit in a small kitchen or bedroom? The Sodastream Fizz may be the ideal appliance for you and your family. The Sodastream fizz is a compact and efficient machine  with similar features and technology that can be found in other high end soda makers. Making custom carbonated drinks at home has never been easier than with the Sodastream fizz. Read the full Soda Stream Fizz Review below to learn more about what exactly makes this machine such  a pleasure to own.

Whats Included:

A 1L BPA free carbonating bottle with a fizz preserving cap. This bottle has been specially designed to work with many Sodastream models. BPA free ensures that your bottle will be safe to reuse for years to come.  By re-using the included bottle, not only are you saving the environment because you are using less bottles but you are also saving a ton of money.  The fizz preserving cap is another nice accessory that allows for you store your carbonated drinks for extended periods of time without losing that fun fizz. Please keep in mind that this bottle is not dishwasher safe. The high heat of the dishwasher may cause for the bottle to morph from its original shape. Soda stream bottles typically cost $10 a piece.

 A 60L Sodastream CO2 Carbonator. This size canister makes about 60 liters of fizzy beverages (60 full bottles). This C02 canister easily screws in and out of the back of the machine.

Special Features:

The Fizz Chip. This is what really separates the Sodastream Fizz from the rest of the models. This model comes with a “Fizz Chip” that actively monitors the amount of CO2 left in the tank. The CO2 levels are displayed on a small LCD screen so you always know when it is time to change the carbonator. The fizz chip also informs you how much carbonation is currently in the bottle that you are filling so that you can get just the right amount of carbonation.

The Machine:

The Sodastream fizz has a tough plastic body with shapes that conform to the C02 tank and the reusable bottle. This Sodastream has an advantage over the competition, because it does not have any extra bulky material. The sleek compact design of this machine makes it the perfect size for a college dorm room or small kitchens.

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Other Sodastream Fizz Reviews Online:

-One Soda stream fizz owner states “The Fizz machine does an EXCELLENT job at doing just that FIZZ.” And “For the price I purchased two”

-Another owner said “I found this product to be time saving cost saving and all in all the best purchase We have made in awhile”

The Sodastream Fizz is a great soda maker for people that are looking for a compact yet efficient appliance. Whether you have been making carbonated beverages at home for years or you are new to the game, this machine will definitely get the job done. Click the button above to find out where you can buy the Sodastream fizz at a great price and read more reviews.

Sodastream Fizz

Sodastream Fizz










  • Compact Size
  • LCD Screen


  • Small CO2 Tank