Sodastream Fountain Jet Review


Looking for an affordable home soda maker? The Sodastream Fountain Jet is known as being one the most affordable SodaStream model’s that still packs a good punch. The fountain jet is one of the oldest carbonated drinking making machine on the market but is also one of the most reliable. If you are new to home soda makers, this may be the perfect entry level machine for you. 

Whats Included:

A One Liter Sodastream CO2 Carbonator. This size CO2 carbonator makes about 60 one liter fizzy beverages. One downfall of the Fountain Jet is that it takes about 30 seconds to create one carbonated drink. This is still very fast but when compared to other Sodastream models, 30 seconds is a little slow. On the other hand, the Fountain Jet does not require any electricity to operate so it’s a fair trade-off. 

1 Reusable  BPA-Free Bottle (Screw In) . The bottle included with the Fountain Jet can be reused as many times as you want, but unfortunately, it has a screw-in design. Other SodaStream models like the Source have a convenient snap-in bottle feature. 

Regardless of the bottle that you use, you will be helping the environment by not going through hundreds of bottles a year. 

Special Features:

The design. The SodsStream Fountain Jet has a small but very fragile frame.  In order to keep the price of this model so low,  the manufacturers had to use medium quality lightweight plastic. A benefit of this lightweight plastic is that the machine itself only weighs six pounds. This is by far the lightest and most portable SodaStream model available.  Adding to the portability, this model does not require any electricity to operate so it can be used on the go.  

SodaStream Source Dimensions

  • Depth: 9”
  • Height: 17″
  • Width: 6″
  • Weight: 6 pounds

Drink Quality and Efficiency

Despite the Fountain Jet being an entry-level model, it’s drink quality is premium. Many owners of the Fountain Jet report the carbonation lasting between 7 and 10 days. This is especially impressive when compared to regular bottled soda that only stays carbonated for about three days. Just be sure to keep the cap tightly sealed. 



Other Sodastream Source Reviews Online:

-One Sodastream Jet Stream owner states “Very easy to make carbonated water with or without flavors. Just fill the bottle, screw in to the maker, and press a button a few times.

-Another owner said, “The process of making soda is fun and a nice novelty. I found myself making a bottle every day (sometimes two or three bottles a day)

The Sodastream Fountain Jet is a  wonderful beginner machine that gets the job done but it does have some downfalls. It would be great if this soda maker had some sort of gauge or screen showing how much CO2 is remaining in the tank. At an affordable price of $80, the machine will pay for itself over a few months in saving. The Fountain Jet starter kit is a great way get everything you need to make soda at home in one nice package. The Start kit includes the machine itself, a mini CO2 tank and 4 reusable bottles. Read more about the starter kit >>HERE<<

Sodastream Fountain Jet

Sodastream Fountain Jet










  • No electricity required
  • Very light weight
  • Affordable


  • No CO2 gauge
  • Poor quality plastic