Sodastream Source Review


Enjoy making soda at home? The Sodasteam Source is one of the most efficient and cost effect soda makers available on the market today. Its compact build and sleek design makes‘ it a great addition to any kitchen (Especially kitchens with modern design!). The Sodastream brand has had great success with the Pure and FIzz models, and it seems like they have another hit with the Sodasteam Source.  Read the full Sodastream Source review below.

Whats Included:

A 60L Sodastream CO2 Carbonator. This size CO2 carbonator makes about 60 one liter fizzy beverages. A unique feature of the Sodastream source is the LED indicator that displays carbonation level capabilities (low, medium or high fizz levels). How much use you get out of the 60 liters is completely dependant on how fizzy you like your beverages.

The Snaplock Bottle. All Sodastream source machines come with a one liter snaplock BPA free plastic bottle. The snaplock bottle mechnism is designed for faster bottle attachment. Older Sodestream models required had a screw-in design that was a real inconvenience. 

Special Features:

The design. The Sodastream Source was designed by Yves Behar, it’s  very visually appealing modern design will definitely turn some heads in your kitchen. Most soda makers on the market are bulky and take up too much countertop space, this machine is so compact that some college students have been able to find space for the Source in their dorm room. If you do a lot of traveling the lightweight design (12 lb) of the Sodastream source can easily fit into your luggage and plugged in anywhere. 

The source comes in 4 fun colors: red,blue, white and black.

SodaStream Source Dimensions

  • Depth: 12”
  • Height: 18″
  • Width: 6″
  • Weight: 12 pounds

Drink Quality and Efficiency

Sodastream is the most reputable soda maker brand available today, due to their amazing drink quality.  Many Sodastream Source owners across the country claim this one of  the best home soda makers when it comes to ease of use. Some owners also claim that the flavors offered by Sodastream taste as good, if not better than the brand name drinks. By making your own soda at home not only do some of the flavors taste better,  but it is also a much healthier alternative. 

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Other Sodastream Source Reviews Online:

-One Sodastream Source owner states  I prefer the taste of the SodaStream over even the premium brands of sparkling water because mine has no sodium or minerals added.

-Another owner said, This was a wonderful purchase and addition to my way of living. No more plastic bottles. I was buying about 11 bottles of Talking Rain,

The Sodastream Source is one of the most affordable stylish soda makers available today. Its compact size and design make it a breeze to carry into any room of your home or even in your luggage. If you are an amazon shopper they offer a starter kit that comes with the machine, a carbonator, a BPAfree bottle and six flavor sample packs. 

Soda Stream Source

Soda Stream Source










  • Great design
  • Snaplock bottle
  • 4 fun colors


  • Expensive Co2 Refill